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To rediscover life again and again, to learn the maximum from every moment represents a great enrichment and makes life worth living in the first place.


Already as a child I felt that this wasn't the first time here on a planet called earth. Deep inside I felt the urge to catch up with previous experiences gained. Through systematic meditation, breathwork and healing practices it is possible to awaken deep joy, happiness and to be able to feel a deeper purpose in life. The passion for expanding the awareness is supporting my daily practice in spiritual hygiene and energetic anatomy. To provide these tools to others is my purpose.

doris ritter yah
Doris Ritter yah

about Doris Ritter

When I was 17, I started doing yoga and meditation practices that I could call up inside of me. The connection was instant and very clear. At the age of 19 I came into contact with astrology and this empirical science never let me go. In the meantime, my portfolio has expanded enormously and the methods of healing frequencies have crystallized over the years as meaningful.

doris ritter yah


"Since I've been attending Doris' workshops and seminars, I feel much more exhilarated and I feel great joy and gratitude." MA

doris ritter yah


"With every session I get closer to myself and feel a purpose in everything I do." Jennifer

doris ritter yah


"This unique experience of different dimensions has had a tremendous impact on my life, a positive one. Suddenly everything seemed to make so much sense." Peter

"Meditate … and your live will change for the good"


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Current offers

Through single sessions, workshops, immersions and online sessions or a package almost all desired outcomes are doable and available.

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Councelling and Privat Coaching or Lessons take place either live in Zurich in collab with and

or online via zoom, all time zones welcome.

Booking inquery please through the contact form on this webpage.

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