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Breath is life - the first zip of air you take is your horoscope!

Astrologie Doris Ritter

NOW I know why all this happened! NOW I understand why I was so attracted to this person. NOW I understand my choice for my profession or even my vocation! A deeper contentment sets in, independent of external events.

Would you like to learn to recognize the common thread in your life? Gain a deeper understanding of your actions, decisions and feelings? WHEN is the right time to make a new decision? Where is my calling? How can I influence my destiny in a self-determined manner? What does soul task mean?

Why are we humans so different and yet so similar? All of these are questions that are answered through astrology. 

Find your souls purpose

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your heart wants something different than what you are doing right now? Where are behavioral patterns exhausted and what do I really draw energy from? If I live in my soul task, the life energy flows largely by itself. Doing justice to yourself and your abilities has a lot to do with your own soul purpose. Ultimately, it gives you a lot of zest for life, to live the vocation! If you don't know what your calling is, Soul Purpose is a guide to it.



Doris Ritter Astrologische Beratung


Astrology is the primal mother of psychology and as such has been tried and tested as a human science for many thousands of years. It used to be part of the general knowledge of a doctor. Since it is a humanitarian science that is not linear but ecliptic and is strongly linked to human free will, forecasts and analyzes vary greatly. The mindfulness and awareness of those involved strongly characterize the corresponding images. 



My astrology reading with Doris helped make sense of so many things in my life that I've never quite understood Where they came from and why I am the way I am. It's incredibly illuminating to see how so many of my strengths and challenges were written in the stars. Doris brought so much love to the session and compassion. I could not believe the accuracy of everything that she shared! My jaw is almost on the floor! I highly highly recommend having a session with her! It will help so much makes sense.

Hillary Faye

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