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Healing only means letting go of what doesn't belong to you at first place


A healing session looks as follows: in a comfortable sitting or lying position you wil be gently lead through my voice into your inner world and are going to learn more about your inner processes. Automatically you are going to increase your self awareness and will feel amazing afterwards. Journey to "more-you"

Find your souls purpose

The pure self is more easy to discover than you can imagine. Oftentimes we are just to occupied with everything else than our pure essence. Learning techniques to discover yourself from scratch is one of my services to you. Curious?




Healing I

60min individual session for an individual combination of meditation, breathing work & healing.


Healing II

90min single session for an individual combination of meditation, breathwork & healing.


Healing III

Package for the individual combination of meditation, breathwork & healing.

"Negative emotions are blocking your energy and without even noticing you are getting tired and exhausted. Positive emotions and sensations are creating strength and trust awakening a natural curiosity towards what life has to offer."

Doris Ritter Healing

Where can healing happen?

the field of potentialiy involves:

learning to dentifying your inner voice

discovering the hidden messages of your soul

where lies your true strength

accessing lasting unconditional love,  joy and happiness

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