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Yoga & Meditation

Meditation Breathwork Healing

In ancient times Yoga had a deep purpose: To purify the body, maintain its health and opotimize its physical functions. Why?  Just for one big goal: to be able to sit in long meditations still and with an erect spine to recieve more energy. The physical body would be exercised, stretched, filled with Prana (life force) and fully relaxed to re-generate and re-juvenate. After this well prepared procedure the body would be enabled  to sit in a lotus posture for longer period of times. This as of when the spine being in an upright (erect) position, the receptivity is increased..


Through meditation you learn to tap into your inner sources of power. You learn to calm down and find yourself with gentle mental exercises. You can also shape your own future through meditation and creative relaxation training. A more self-determined life makes you happy from the inside, gives you serenity and deep joy and connectedness to the flow of life.

Doris Ritter Yoga

Aireal Yoga

Becoming absolutely calm and working with your own imagination can lead through a feeling of connectedness with the uni- or even omniverse. Daily clearing rituals can help you to let go of old paradigms that no longer serve your higher purpose, the reason why you are here. Another amazing aspect is the gain of serenity and calmness as well as a relaxed mind accepting certain circumstances as they are and learning to see the serving benefits.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is known as Rajyoga, the supreme discipline among all yoga styles and types. It combines the whole of being human into a lifestyle that results in living happily, healthy and with integrity. Inner growth, knowledge and revelations of one's own journey are an incidental by-product and can be easily transformed. The techniques will help you shake off the useless and strengthen the new. Access to intuition and the gut and heart voice is activated, promoted and thus audible at all. 

Technological overload and overstimulation can be better managed with regular Kundalini Yoga. The focus is reset and adjusted daily, so that the self-determined design of the increasingly challenging everyday life can be tackled with ease. Remaining calm in the heat of battle and yet keeping all senses active are exciting skills learned through these techniques. 

Doris Ritter Breathwork

Yoga packages

Monthly subscription private online Small groups with online timetable included - on request


Since I have been attending Doris' workshops and seminars, I feel much more exhilarated and I feel deep joy and gratitude.


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