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About Doris

an exciting path is rarely short...

Doris Ritter yah

Are you living "YOUR" life already?

My Journey

Life councelling and continous studies of astrology for over 20 years as well as all the according diploma's in astrology, coaching and healing have joined my personal life's journey more deeply. Over 5 teaching modalities in Yoga (Aerial, Aireal, Bikram Hotyoga 26&2, QiYoMultiversal-Yoga, Yin-Yoga and Kundalini-Yoga including several leven 2 educations in the later) offered me personally not only the theory but also the transformational power that life has to offer.


As a teacher, coach, healer and astrologer I pay particular attention to clarity and neutrality in order to give the client a free field of exploring his or her true self and journey along. I do look forward to meet you soon! Sat nam.




Daily meditation is accompagniying my life for many years now since it is the connection to the most inner source that opens up the gate to the future and more self relization. One of my deepest believes: believe in your own inner strength! Meditating is a tool that connects me to that source that is only visible and experienced through the inner eye.

Doris Ritter Aireal Yoga
Doris Ritter Healing
Doris Ritter Healing

Healing sessions

Connectivity to strong frequences and energies is as life securing and sustaining as hardly anything else in today's worls. Through letting go of the old the new can finally get through to us. Learning to understand those coping mechanism is finally key to open up to the flow of life, YOUR own life. Since early childhood it has always bothered me, which life I am living. To live your own life also means to be able to be critical and think, re-think and think through where you have been, where you are at and where you would like to be. This is not always easy but worthwile for sure. The only way to your SELF is to speak your truth - as a matter of fact to yourself at first. Learning to be your true self is something we do not learn by somebody else but ourselves. Fortunately the age of aquarius is offering many tools in how to finding ways that lead to this amazing path of truth of which I am beyond grateful for.


Breathwork is one amongst the most effective techniques to conquer your past once it is followed through thouroughly. One of my fist breathwork experiences lead back into my 20ties were beyond strenous and tough yet have set the proper foundation for my future work today. One of the toughest experiences is the one where you find the strongest resistance against yourself and your own progessing. Once you passed stages like that there is no going back and life is blossoming like an endless spring. Many positive co-ncidences are occuring of which you would have never dreamt of! Just releasing what isn't exactly yours has that transformational power as such. The pranic field (prana - life force energy) is extended to full capacity and therefore you are going to attract an incredible abundance thereafter. Worthwile for sure!

doris ritter breathwork
Doris Ritter Breathwork

Look inside. There is the source of good that never stops gushing unless you stop digging. "


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